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Tiny Health PRO Gut Health Test

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The Tiny Health Pro gut health test includes two tests: 

  1. Tiny Health gut microbiome test
  2. Tiny Health non-microbial markers test:
    • Digestion/absorption markers: Elastase, fat strain, carbohydtrates
    • Immunology: Secretory IgA
    • SCFA concentrations: butyrate, acetate, propionate, valerate
    • Inflammation markers: Lactoferrin, lysozyme, calprotectin
    • Intestinal health markers: pH, Beta-glucuronidase, occult blood

Important notes:

  • Users will have to fill 2 additional stool collection vials, in addition to the regular Tiny Health swab. It's best to collect from the stame stool sample.
  • One of them need to be frozen overnight and mailed with an ice pack
  • The tests will be shipped to two different locations.
    • You will receive one USPS return mailer for the Tiny Health gut microbiome swab.
    • You will receive one FedEx 2-day shipping return for the non-microbial markers test. 

This test is not available to customers who reside in NY, NJ, RI or Canada.