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Replacement Kit: PRO Gut Health Test

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This is a replacement kit for the The Tiny Health Pro gut health test. This is only available to customers who have purchased a PRO Gut Health Test and need replacement parts.

The test includes two tests: 

  1. Tiny Health gut microbiome test
  2. Tiny Health non-microbial markers test:
    • Digestion/absorption markers: Elastase, fecal fats, carbohydrates
    • Immunology: Secretory IgA
    • SCFA concentrations: butyrate, acetate, propionate, valerate
    • Inflammation markers: Lactoferrin, lysozyme, calprotectin
    • Intestinal health markers: pH, Beta-glucuronidase, occult blood

Important notes:

  • Users will have to fill 2 additional stool collection vials, in addition to the regular Tiny Health swab. It's best to collect from the stame stool sample.
  • One of them need to be frozen overnight and mailed with an ice pack
  • The tests will be shipped to two different locations.
    • You will receive one USPS return mailer for the Tiny Health gut microbiome swab.
    • You will receive one FedEx 2-day shipping return for the non-microbial markers test. 

This test is only available to customers ordering with the guidance of a practitioner. You will need to designate your preferred practitioner on your Tiny Health account. The Tiny Health Pro (non-microbial markers) results can only be accessed by your practitioner and you will need to reach out to your practitioner to view results.

This test is not available to customers who reside in NY, NJ, or RI.