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Eczema Gut Rebalance Program

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Address your baby’s eczema from the inside out.

Join the first program for babies 0-12 months to address the symptoms of eczema by rebalancing your baby’s gut microbiome.

Who is this for?

Babies from 0-12 months old. 

How does it work?

Eczema Baby Gut Rebalance Program is a 4 month program for babies 0-12 months that will help you to determine if imbalances in your baby's gut is the root cause of your baby's eczema, and how to best course correct your baby's gut to reduce the symptoms and severity of eczema flare-ups.  T

Eczema Gut Rebalance Program is the first of its kind and includes personalized gut tests, functional health coaching, and on-call support from microbiome experts to empower you to manage, reduce and heal microbiome-related conditions, from the inside out.

Once you enroll you'll receive your first baby gut test with instructions on how to sample. When your results are ready, you'll receive a personalized Action Plan and will be able to schedule monthly coaching sessions with our experts.  

What's included in the program?

  • Two Baby gut tests delivered every three months
  • A personalized Action Plan
  • Monthly coaching with our gut microbiome experts
  • Email Course

About the program

Eczema Baby Gut Rebalance Program empowers parents to improve their baby’s gut microbiome health for life.

Eczema is linked to the gut- Recent research ties missing beneficial bacteria to the risk of developing eczema. And imbalances like high levels of proinflammatory microbes can make symptoms worse.

Young babies with non-ideal guts are at greater risk of chronic and immune disorders. The list includes asthma, eczema, food allergies, obesity later in life, and type 1 diabetes. Baby Gut C-Section Recovery Program is designed to give you as a parent all the information, guidance and testing you need to improve your baby's gut.