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Baby’s Gut Program

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Uncover the source of your baby's symptoms. During the baby's first 1000 days, tiny microbes in their gut are training their immune system for life. Imbalances may trigger chronic issues like eczema, allergies, colic and more.  The good news is that relief is possible with the right interventions.  The Baby's gut program will help you address the root cause of chronic conditions through gut microbiome testing and personalized coaching with a dedicated microbiome specialists. The Baby's gut program includes: 

  • 2 Baby Gut Health Tests
  • 4 Consult calls with a microbiome specialist

This 6-month program is billed monthly at $99/month.  Please note that this program requires a minimum of a six month commitment and cannot be canceled early.  After six months the program will automatically renew for an additional six month commitment.